Google – I hate their wafty design and crappy scroll bars

The point of scrollbars is to act as a visual clue that there is more content, not currently visible. It shouldn\’t be hidden behind a mouse-over. Google seem to have introduced this concept that every web page, instead of being rich with user information for your eyes to find, you have to go on a fucking stupid treasure hunt with your mouse to un-earth the hidden content.

To make this a double fuck-up – they don\’t even shitting work. When you mouse over them they indicate that you are at the top of the content. But I know there is more content! When you scroll down, suddenly you can scroll up even further than before.

And to add to this triple-whammy twat-fest they\’ve added a lot of white-space. I hear all my (usually Apple fans) designer friends and¬†acquaintances¬†go \’coo\’ over it. It\’s true, when the page loads, it looks pretty. But it\’s as useless as a cunt in sausage factory. It might be pretty, but you wouldn\’t want to eat it.

A classic case of form over function. And Google\’s products are for using, not for looking at. So reducing the usable screen real-estate, hiding what\’s left, making it more complicated and having all that shitty mess not actually work? That\’s a cock-up. And I don\’t like it.