Those whiny cyclists are their own worst enemy

This is what I have told many cycling enthusiasts

You may be right, but now you\’re dead

Cyclists should have more cycle lanes. Other road users should have better awareness, and give cyclists right of way. You avidly peddling, annoying, self-righteous twats have a very valid point. But how you go about highlighting this issue is by unnecessarily endangering other people on the road and flouting the law pointlessly.

The way to tackle your problem is to behave in an exemplary manner. Otherwise you have no high ground at all. Stop riding on the pavement. Stop riding in pedestrian areas. Stop riding against the flow of traffic and the highway code. Don\’t fuck-off the guy with the 1 tonne plus killing machine.

Stay safe. Stop endangering yourselves just because you feel you are morally correct. Waiting out for provisions and the law to catch up with you from a hospital bed, or a coffin, is just plain stupid.

Stop whining. Ride safely and legally. Encourage others to do the same. Campaign responsibly and with a positive thrust.